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The website is a privately owned website, registered to Duane Reeve of ‘FuturityWEB‘ in Cape Town, South Africa. The idea to launch this website came about in July 2010, when I returned home to visit my family in Ramsgate on the Kwazulu-Natal South Coast. After landing in Durban at King Shaka International airport (for the first time), I had my 1st experience of having to travel that extra distance home, to Ramsgate…

Thereafter, having spent a few days in and around Margate, Ramsgate, Uvongo, Shelley Beach etc, I noticed that things had definitely slowed down in this fabulous holiday destination. July, which is generally a busy holiday period, seemed slower than I remembered it to be. Could this be the result of the extra traveling time from King Shaka Airport or the simple fact that South Africans (and Foreign Tourists for that matter) are still struggling to recover from the ‘recession‘ (Financial Crisis)? Or is it simply because the Lower South Coast is fighting to stay noticed, with all the Development happening North of Durban? Is this Development because of the fact that the North Coast is now more accessible than the South Coast?

Well, whatever the reason, I believe the South Coast is still a great Holiday Destination, with so much more to offer now than it had in the past. Yes, it may be a little more time consuming getting there, but it’s worth it.

I decided to build this website to market the Holiday Accommodation available within the area and to highlight activities and/or events taking place within the Lower South Coast. There is so much more to do on the Lower South Coast that people do not know about, so it’s time to expose the Real South Coast…

In keeping with my policy of transparency; I have also created this website to make a little money. Some of the features are paid for services and I also earn an income from advertising on the website. It has cost me money and a huge amount of time getting this website running and I feel that the fees charged for Featured Listings (R350 p/year) and/or extra Categories (R50 p/year) are very reasonable. Where else can you advertise your Venue or Business for less then R1.00 per day and with no commission payable, ever? (Listing Owners deal with your business inquiries & bookings directly!)

Not only that, but I also offer a 100% money back Guarantee and Pro-Rata repayments for early cancellations, if required (subject to our terms & conditions).

Personal Information

Duane Reeve - Owner of thought I would share some additional, personal information here in order to make you aware that this website (and a few others that I run), are in fact owned and maintained by an individual and not some huge corporation. My name is Duane Reeve and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

I am passionate about everything to do with food and started my working career in the Food & Beverage Industry. Life has blessed me with the ability to learn new things and as such I have a diverse work history, having been a Restaurant Manager, an IT Technical Support Specialist, a Real Estate Agent and now I run my own Web-Hosting & Online Marketing Company, called FuturityWEB. FuturityWEB, came about in 2009, after being forced to leave the Real Estate Industry when the property market collapsed in 2008/09. The switch to online marketer has been a major challenge and I taught myself everything from Basic Web-Design (learning HTML), to more complex things like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), WordPress, WordPress Security and Content Marketing (blogging). I love helping people with their online presence/marketing and this passion has seen my business grow tremendously over the years.

Services Provided by FuturityWEB:

So, this is my shameless plug for my Business, which basically provides essential services for local businesses. Fact; we live in the Internet Age and if YOUR business is to survive and better yet, thrive in the new world, you better have a more than decent Internet Presence. This is where FuturityWEB can help you with:

  • Affordable Web-Hosting
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • WordPress Management & Security

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– I hope you benefit from it in some way or another!


Duane Reeve

My Motto: “If you’re learning to hit a ball, you must continually swing the bat…