Margate Beach – The Main Attraction!

Ever since I remember, the Margate Beachfront has been the Lower South Coasts most popular Tourist destination, with 1000’s of Tourists & Locals decending upon it, particularly during the December Holidays. I still recall, as a Teenager, sneaking past Security to get into the ‘Palm Grove’ Night Club, which was one of only a few places to go in those years. Today the Margate Beachfront is overflowing with Restaurants, Bars, Take-Away Venues, Shops & Street Vendors.

The Margate Beach, itself, is a relatively long, flat and uninterupted beach (no rocky outcrops) stretching roughly 1.1 Kms in length, from Margate through to Manaba. Swimming in the Margate Beach waters is a pleasure, however, some pretty rough currents can make it a little tiring. The beach is monitored by Life Guards to ensure your safety in the water and there is a strong Police presence onshore too. If the Indian Ocean currents get too strong for you, there are also swimming pool facilities available, as well as a Lagoon.

Other than just swimming, there are grass areas where you can ‘picnic’ or ‘sun tan’ as well as several sun protected benches (with tables) to make use of. The sidewalks are littered with Vendors selling African Curios or you could always get yourself a Henna Tatoo (Temporary Tatoo). There are Restaurants, Bars and various Beach Shops pretty much surrounding the entire Margate Beach area, so there is always plenty to do…

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Additional Features

  • Life Guard Monitored Beach
  • Olympic Swimming Pool
  • Kiddies Swimming Pool
  • Shops & Snack Vendors
  • Arts & Crafts Vendors
  • Tourism Office
  • Coffee Shops
  • Cocktail Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Water Slide
  • Bicycle Hire
  • Much More...